We produce a wide range of restaurants grills, from the never gone out of fashion solid fueled grills (charcoal and wood burning) to the easy operate lavarock by gas.

griglie a gas pietra lavica carbone griglie a legna


griglie a gas pietra lavica carbone griglie a legna


griglie a fuoco di legna e carbone

Wood & Coal

custom grill griglie galletti a fuoco di legna e carbone



Model Cooking area Heat, kW Overalls, Cm
PLX60 48x47 11,6 60x70x49H
PLX80 68x47 14 80x70x49H
PLX106 96x47 23,2 106x70x49H
PLX60M 48x47 11,6 60x70x95H
PLX80M 68x47 14 80x70x95H
PLX106M 96x47 23,2 106x70x95H
PLX124M 2 x 48x47 23,2 124x70x95H

Counter units: PLX60, PLX80, PLX106.
Freestand units: PLX60M, PLX80M, PLX106M, PLX124M.

The success of this type of grill is due to the high level of reliability, ease of operation and cleaning, nonetheless meeting affordable budgets.

In the lava-stone grills the cooking is carried out by shielded burners in tubolar stainless steel. Such burners heat lava stones layed above on special supports made of heavy duty AISI-316 stainless steel wire mesh. The cooking chamber is in heavy-gauge steel. The grid is height adjustable by means of two levers and a removable tray allows to collect dripping fat and ash. Lava-stone is an igneous rock which does not deteriorate, is no-toxic, and above all odourless. Lavagrills are built according to severe European regulations in safety and hygene standards.

Units can be equipped with suitable hood, wheels, and base cabinet. Factory-fitted, the optional Churrasco is set over the cooking grid. This device is available in several sizes and all swords are self-spinning by mean of a geared box placed on the rear. Churrascos for Lava-stone Grills.

Open Catalogue of Lava-stone Grills.

Gas Grills, lavarock

Free-stand grill unit featuring three lava-stone grills model PLX80, arranged in row.

Churrasco grill by charcoal

Lavagrill model PLX80M equipped with Churrasco model CH80 (9 self-spinning swords).

grills by gas lavarock lavastone grills by gas lavarock lavastone

In every stage of construction we pay particular attention to using the best components, materials and latest technologies in order to guarantee maximum reliability in the time.


Version Cm Grids Net weight Kg Overalls Cm
120 2 490 121x107x240H
180 3 630 176x107x245H
230 4 720 230x107x245H

Model Tuscany is a free-stand grill unit, both coal and wood fueled and featuring an accurate finishing look. Three step sizes available from 120 to 230 cm wide, each cooking grid is adjustable in height by mean of frontal levers, drawers to collect ash, base storing cabinets, option 4-spits rotisserie (spit length cm 105), option color (RAL7016, RAL9005, RAL3003, RAL50010, RAL6009) or fully stainless steel finishing.

This unit has been especially designed to be placed in dining room at customer sight as to enhance restaurant and grilling area own appeal.

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Griglia fuoco di legna carbone barbecue bistecchiera

Wood and charcoal fueled grill model Tuscany 180. Finishing green RAL6009.


Model Grids Weigth Kg Overalls Cm
CE60 1 180 65x80x220H
CE118 2 280 118x80x230H
CE180 3 350 174x80x240H
CE230 4 440 230x80x250H
I.1 1 40 65x80x40H
I.2 2 120 23x80x50H

All charcoal grills can be enhanced by means of our De Luxe decorative elements as well as tailored according to customer space and completed with personal features. We offer units from 65 to 230 centimeters wide, finished in painted metal (custom color) or stainless steel sheet. Counter or freestand units with suitable base (option for storing cabinets) and suitable hood. Each grill features ash collecting drawer, grid adjustable height by means of frontal lever, heavy-duty charcoal basin, separated basin for each grid, thick insulation and more. The model I.1 and I.2 are made for embedding in customer's own architectural islands.

Last but not least, our chargrills include the double grid set up. A feature to hold the food between two joined grids and thus allowing to overturn the grid instead of food during the grilling process.

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Griglia fuoco di legna carbone barbecue bistecchiera

Freestand Chargrill mod. CE118, painted metal red RAL3003.

Our best presentation is the 60 years of experience in designing of professional rotisseries and grills.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project or to get information on our products.


UNIVERSO can produce charcoal and wood-fired grills according to customer individual request: from a tailored churrasco grill to wood fueled units to roast poultry on special forks.   Contact us to get further information and to discuss a project.

Open flyer Churrasco Grill, Charcoal fueled
Open flyer Bespoke chickens Grill, Wood fueled

Right image: Churrasco grill by charcoal with three rows of swords, all self spinning. Cm 300 wide with hood and ash collecting drawers. Custom color and fitted with decorative elements.

Bespoke Churrasco grills 300 cm wide




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