60 years experience in manufacturing professional grills & rotisseries

We at Universo Grill are specialized in the construction of Gas and Electric heated Rotisseries, Wood-fired Rotisseries, Charcoal and Gas Grills and more. Best components together with solid features are due to ensure in our products maximum reliability in everyday business use. Alongside a comprehensive standard products portfolio, we can built tailored units according to customer's individual needs.

grill barbecue woodfired by wood burning

Wood-fired Grills

The model "Tuscany" is a free-stand wood burning barbecue. Available in several sizes it is very accurate in detail. This grill can be placed in dining room at the customer’s sight, enhancing the restaurant style and identity.

charcoal coal grill barbecue woodfired

Churasco Grills

The model "Rio" is a charcoal fueled classic Churasco grill and is available in several sizes in customer's colors. Units can be equipped with a service grids so to be used as regular barbecue as well.

Gas fueled rotisseries spits

Custom Units

We customize our Rotisseries by gas or electric elements by enclosing in an original stylistic frame. Once positioned in the store, such feature can be an effective tool for marketing whilst still maintaining a significant output.

woodfired rotisserie ovens chickens ovens

Wood burning Ovens

Ovens are free-stand metal sheet structures made to set at work our rotisseries by woodfire. They are available with service grill positioned side to the rotisserie and finished with personal features. Ovens can be made according to available space as well.

In every stage of construction we pay particular attention to using the best components, materials and latest technologies in order to guarantee maximum reliability in the time.


gas lavastone grills lavagrills

Gas Heated Grills (Lavagrills)

Lavastone grills are characterized by ease of operation and cleaning. The cooking is carried out by means of tubular steel burners that heat a layer of lava rocks placed above. The cooking grid is place above lava and is made of quality stainless steel. Grids are available for meat (V-bars), fish or vegetables (round-bars), and half/half. Features include: cooking grid that can be adjusted in height by means of front levers, fat drip tray easy to remove, framework and combustion chamber entirely in heavy-gauge stainless steel, piezoelectric ignition and more. Lavagrills are CE marked and meet severe European directives of consumer protection and safety. View Lavagrills

grills by charcoal chargrills grill by wood

Wood & Coal Fueled Grills

Our charcoal and wood-fired grills are built in heavy-duty steel in order to ensure best reliability over the years. Each model features a self-turning grid system as well as adjustable height by front levers so as to obtain best cooking operation. We offer countless models and versions which include: built-in grills (to set in customer's own architectural island), removable ash collecting drawers, unit grills with base cabinets to store coal, grills to be placed under an on-site canopy hood or free-stand with its own hood. Most of them can be adjusted to customer's available space and customized as well. View Chargrills

lavarock gas grill producer

charcoal barbecues grills manufacturer

Our best presentation is the 60 years of experience in designing of professional rotisseries and grills.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project or to get information on our products.


planetary chickens rotisserie by wood woodfired

Wood-fired Rotisseries

We were the first to equip our rotisseries with dual motor function, a device that allows to rotate only the spits close to the fire while the two wheels remain stationary. This function significantly reduces the cooking time and energy consumption. The wood-fired models are available in various sizes and loads to satisfy any user cooking need. Main features on wood-fired rotisseries include: Planetary rotation, easy to load/unload central shaft to roast bulky pieces (i.e. pig, lamb, sheep, etc.), device to manually rotate the spits in case of power black-outs, spits length and overall unit width adjusting according to customer space, special spits to roast almost all cuts of meat, poultry and fish. All models can be set at work in customer masonry architectural fireplace/oven or supplied with a suitable steel-framed ovens manufactured by us.  View Wood-fired Rotisseries Models

gas heated electric heated rotisseries ovens

Gas & Electric Rotisseries

Based on our experience, today we offer a wide range of gas and electric rotisseries. Models are available in various sizes and loads to satisfy any user cooking need. Solidity and safety are priorities that we continue to pour into our products. Every single rotisserie is individually manufactured in our factory with extreme care and by employing quality components and latest technical solutions. Main features include: Planetary rotation, frame body in heavy gauge stainless steel, powerful internal lighting, stainless steel fat drip tray easy to remove and clean, dual motor device, easy to load/unload central shaft to roast bulky pieces (i.e. pig, lamb, sheep, etc.), special spits to roast almost all cuts of meat, poultry and fish. All rotisseries are CE certified and fully compliant with EU safety and sanitation regulations. Each model can be equipped with its own trolley or warming cabinet support to store the food warm. View Gas Electric Rotisseries Models

rotisseries woodfired

rotisseries gas heated


prefabricated ovens wood burning rotisseries

Wood Burning Metal Sheet Ovens

Our ovens are especially designed to set at work our wood-fired rotisseries (Model C20, B20, A22, A24, A26, A28). and consist in free-stand metal sheet structures with an open fireplace area, hood, ash collecting drawer and storing cabinet. Ovens are made to withstand thermal and mechanical stresses over the years, by means of its heavy-duty construction and large use of reliable components, furthermore, they are fully insulated by interspaced sheets and surfaces in silica bricks. Features include: collecting ash drawers, service drawers or cabinet to store coal and wood, side window to load firewood in, option for a grilling area side of the rotisserie. On such units overalls can be adjusted to customer's available space, and eventually some other features can be redesigned according to customer's needs. View Wood Burning Ovens

churascos custom grills

Grills & Custom Units

In addition to grills and rotisseries on the basis of our experience, we produce units for specific cooking needs: I.e. charcoal or wood fueled grill to roast chickens on skewers, charcoal fueled hispanic roasters, charcoal fueled churasco grills (a custom one is depicted in the above picture).   Contact us for more information.

wood burning chickens ovens

bespoke wood burning ovens

UNIVERSO GRILL SRL designs and manufactures barbecues, grills, rotisseries, churascos, rotisserie ovens fueled by wood and charcoal.

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