Prefabricated Fireplaces for Rotisseries
(Wood Burning Ovens)

Wood prefabricated fireplaces
Prefabricated Fireplaces are made to set at work our Rotisseries ...
Woodburning prefabricated fireplace M2, inside view
Inside view of model M2 with the two side grills option ...

Our prefabricated fireplaces consist in heavy-duty self contained freestanding metal sheet units designed to set at work one from our Woodfired Rotisseries (model C20, B20, A22, A24, A26, A28).

Prefabricated Fireplaces are wood fueled and feature a fire cage (to hold burning firewood), side window to load firewood in, lower storing cabinets, refractory brick lined, fully insulation walls by thick interspaced sheet, and more. Models M1 and M2, have an additional side grill with brazier, ash collecting drawer, and frontal lever to adjust grill height.

Fireplaces can be made according to available space and enhanced by means of our De Luxe decorative elements.

Prefabricated Fireplaces

Model Option grills Overalls, Cm
M.0 0 180x125x240H
M.1 1 230x125x250H
M.2 2 280x125x260H
California 0 155x130x240H


Overalls change according to the equipped rotisserie. The above size is due to a medium size rotisserie model A24 with spits length of 124 centimeters. California has a 10 spits built-in rotisserie and can be finished in stainless steel or painted metal.

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